Simple tips to improve spoken English well as non-native

Thank you very much and good luck in your English journey !

My tips to improve Spoken English

What you’ll learn

  • How to improve spoken English (speaking) by powerful ways.
  • How to improve English grammar and vocabulary.
  • How to marster good English in interview and get the job, How to write Amazon listing in English.
  • Show you my e-com seller account which make 500 000 usd per month how I used English to work.
  • Experience is the best teacher. In this course I have tutorials, I set role play, step by step, hand by hand to help you master good English master.

Course Content

  • As $500 000 sales Ecom entrepreneur, how I master English speaking- screen shot –> 5 lectures • 43min.
  • Master English for Interview (job hunting) –> 1 lecture • 15min.

Simple tips to improve spoken English well as non-native


  • You can study this course and get benefit even if you are a new bird (no requirement).

My tips to improve Spoken English

1, Listen to native speakers, from any channel

2, Imitate everything, grammar, pronunciation, up and down…

3, Read as loudly as you can

4, When reading, you write at the same time

5, Repeat and repeat


My tips to improve grammar and vocabulary

1, Find most used grammar / words on Google, and sentence

2, Put in on google translate, to make sounds

3, Do as what I do as improving my spoken English


Other tips

1, Talk to native as much as you can (if not, talk to robot like:Siri)

2, Listen as much as you can

(since you can listen more than you read/ not things that is not related to you, music? song? )

3, Think in English

4, Excise your month and tougue


Master English for Interview

A: Before you interview, study on line, the company, the job, the responsibility, the talent required

B: Write resume, which emphasizes your experience, skills, etc specifically related to point A, and use the skills I teach on Section 1, to practice and make sure you are fluent

C: Google: interview introduction template, and make up your own introduction


Master English for Interview

D: Prepare for possible questions they will ask-google it

E: When interviewer ask you a question, your reaction cycle should be:What is behind the question? What they want to know? Make sure you express in English, to the point, and say what they want to hear.

It is quite like a examination text:


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