Italian Course

Beginner Level

Welcome and thanks!

What you’ll learn

  • How to recognize and pronounce Italian sounds (alphabet, accents, apostrophes, etc).
  • How to choose and apply the proper articles in Italian.
  • How to recognize if a noun or adjective is masculine or feminine.
  • How to form the plural.
  • How to describe using numbers and colors.
  • How to say “There is/There are”.
  • Start describing the world with adjectives!.
  • Learn how to tell time.
  • Ways to talk about the weather.
  • Enrich your Italian with adverbs.

Course Content

  • Italian Beginner Course –> 11 lectures • 4hr 22min.

Italian Course


  • No experience or equipment required.

Welcome and thanks!

This course will take you literally from the ABCs to the articles, ways to form the plural, ways to recognize masculine from feminine words, colors, numbers, the adjectives, and the adverbs.

You will also learn how to describe the weather in every instance and how to ask and tell time in Italian.

Find out how much you can already express yourself in Italian before you can even conjugate verbs (although the verbs “to be” and “to have” will be introduced indirectly and utilized).

The content of these lessons is very similar to what and how an Italian would learn in elementary school, as opposed to a simplified, tourist-friendly crash course. You may choose to go through this course once and focus on the basics at first, and later come back to these videos and files every time you feel ready to learn more.

This beginner-level Italian course consists of ten PDF files corresponding to ten lessons.
Each PDF is explained and expanded upon in a video lesson.

Exercises are provided at the end of each lesson.

I hope you can make treasure of the content of this 10-lesson course, and the following ones soon to come.



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