Powerful, Confident Body Language for Business Women

Improve Your Nonverbal Communication in Business. Project More Confidence at Work. Feel More Confident in Business!

Do you want to be more powerful and influential in business?

What you’ll learn

  • Nonverbal communication and body language for women..
  • How to use body language gestures for increased confidence and power..
  • Increase your impact and influence in business..
  • Project more confidence and power externally..
  • Feel more confident and powerful internally..
  • Convey authority in difficult situations..
  • Get others to notice you and listen to you..
  • Develop a stronger reputation..
  • Body language for networking, business meetings, presentations and negotiations..

Course Content

  • Introduction to Powerful, Confident Body Language for Women –> 1 lecture • 3min.
  • Background Information About Body Language for Women –> 4 lectures • 9min.
  • Master Powerful, Confident Body Language for Women –> 15 lectures • 26min.
  • Common Body Language Hurdles Women Should Avoid –> 9 lectures • 15min.
  • How to Apply Powerful, Confident Body Language to Business Situations –> 5 lectures • 14min.
  • Summary –> 1 lecture • 2min.
  • BONUS LECTURE –> 1 lecture • 1min.

Powerful, Confident Body Language for Business Women


Do you want to be more powerful and influential in business? 

If you struggle to get your ideas recognised, then you know how it feels to be overlooked and ignored. I’m here to help you change that! In this course, we’ll tackle this issue by focusing on your body language. More specifically, you’ll learn confident, powerful body language gestures for the workplace.

Learning how to use body language for more impact and influence is a skill every driven business person needs. Why? Your body language is a tool that magnifies your communication and makes you stand out as a person of authority.

However for women, powerful, confident body language is often difficult to embrace; it’s not part of our natural demeanor and it’s not what society traditionally expects from us.

In many backgrounds and cultures, women are raised to be nurturing, kind and nice. We learn to incorporate gentle, soft body language gestures that align with this image. Think: tilting your head, smiling or taking up as little space as possible.

But, when we reach adulthood and enter the business world, these gestures no longer serve us. In fact, they become a hindrance to our professional development and goals. They don’t make us look confident at work!

And for people coming from more reserved cultures who are working in the Western business world, appearing more confident can be a real challenge. You might wonder how you can look as confident as Western business women. Well, it is possible. This course will definitely help you in this area.

What happens when you use body language that does NOT speak confidence?

  • You’re overlooked at work.
  • Your opinions or ideas aren’t noticed or truly heard.
  • You miss out on promotions that you deserve.
  • You don’t have the impact you want.

But in this course, you will learn the exact body language postures and gestures to help you look and feel confident at work!

Whether you come from a background where women weren’t encouraged to be confident and powerful, or whether you come from a more reserved culture and you want to succeed in the Western business world, this course is exactly what you need to break out of your shell!

I’ve worked with many women in a coaching capacity who have experienced the hurdles I described above. With simple changes we’ve made to their body language, they now get noticed and respected the way they deserve. They’re no longer held back in their career and they can progress to amazing heights!

Since body language counts for a large percentage of your overall communication (which you’ll learn about in this course), it’s something you cannot neglect. Paired with assertive communication and overall professionalism, you’re bound to be recognised as a confident, capable professional.

In the 34 videos you’re about to watch and the challenges I’ve set for you, you will learn an array of powerful, confident body language gestures. You will learn how to use those gestures so you can communicate with more impact and influence.

This course will help you to:

  • Understand the unique body language advantage that women have over men.
  • Understand body language hurdles that women face.
  • Use your posture, head, legs, arms, hands, personal space, body orientation, eye contact, and objects around you for heightened power and authority.
  • Apply powerful, confident body language gestures to networking events, business meetings, presentations, and negotiations.
  • Avoid mistakes women often make with their body language.
  • Feel more confident.

Powerful, confident body language has been critically important for me as a businesswoman. Growing up very reserved and shy, I’ve learned how to use body language to help me appear confident to others (even if I don’t feel it 100% inside) and to help me feel confident internally as well. And as a leadership coach, I now teach this body language to my executive level clients and they see amazing results.

I want to teach this confident body language to you too, so you can get these same results. So you can make others to see you as the confident, powerful women that you are.

No holding back. Let’s go!



Here’s what other students have said about this course:

  • “Almost every weak area in women’s personality is highlighted with amazing correction and confident body language tips” – Shekhar
  • “This course has assisted me in bettering my understanding and view on how to be more confident especially in meetings. Thank you!” – Gilda
  • “I have learned a lot to be more confident at work and in public spaces, thank thank so much, much appreciated.” – Alice

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Note: Even though this course is designed for women, I’ve had many men take this course and see fantastic results. If you’re a man and you’re more on the shy, introverted or humble side and you can relate to being overlooked at work, then you will definitely get a lot out of this course too. Watch some of the free preview videos below to decide for yourself.

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