Crystalline Voice

Healing with Your Sacred Sound

Are you starting to feel different, more aware, more sensitive?

What you’ll learn

  • We will explore ways of speaking and sounding with more confidence with tools to foster authentic expression.
  • You will learn techniques and somatic exercises for body/voice connection..
  • You will also learn techniques and exercises to strengthen, empower and expand your voice.
  • You will explore how to use the body/voice connection with intention to integrate emotional energy constrictions.
  • You will explore conscious listening, journaling, affirmations, breath awareness, vocal toning and chakra mantras.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 15 lectures • 1hr 20min.

Crystalline Voice


Are you starting to feel different, more aware, more sensitive?

Are you feeling the call to be of service, to share your best self; but deep, long standing issues are coming to the surface?

Do you feel frustration and shame because you don’t think you have the courage to speak your mind?

Do you feel weak and ineffective during confrontational conversations?

Are you holding yourself back from exploring your passion?




If your voice is shut down, what does it cost you?

Take a couple of minutes to really think about that question.

Where have you given away your power, basically subjugated yourself, minimized your own gifts and contributions?

And what actually did it cost you? And still does.



You can change the dynamic in your relationships with your family, friends, business associates – and most importantly with YOURSELF.

I know, because I am a living example of the power of voice to heal and awaken – and I want to show you how you can use your voice to help expand into your full potential. You will gain a deeper awareness of your inner landscape, a sense of presence and the perceptions about yourself that are not serving you.

When you use your voice, it vibrates you from the inside out, cleaning and transmuting old stuck energies. The vibrations of your voice change the chemistry of your body – melting away old, restrictive ways of being.

You can actually change the way you feel by the way you use your voice.



Crystalline Voice is a program I developed using my unique holistic approach and experience as a voice professional and sound therapist.

Somatic voice work can help to release constrictions, complete unprocessed healing and remove barriers to authentic expression through the body/voice connection.

I guide you to move through a process of starting to shed the layers of the heavy energies that you’ve been carrying all your life.

Release limitations and perceptions that are not serving you through:


  • Guided Exercises to Cultivate Awareness
  • Journaling
  • Conscious Listening Exercises
  • Affirmations
  • EFT Tapping Exercise
  • Somatic Movement Exercises
  • Organic Sounding Exercises
  • Toning/MantraThese exercises and techniques are specifically designed to develop body/voice connection and vocal strengthening, expansion and empowerment.
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