Sour dough Breads by Master Baker

This course will cover various Sour dough breads based covering different recipes & techniques

Sour Dough  based Advance Breads by APCA Malaysia- An International Pastry & Culinary School

What you’ll learn

  • Learn about sour dough breads.
  • Learn about bread culture.
  • Learn about Levain.
  • Learn about different culture based on fruits and reducions.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 12 lectures • 2hr 12min.

Sour dough Breads by Master Baker


Sour Dough  based Advance Breads by APCA Malaysia- An International Pastry & Culinary School

Understanding of sour dough is very important if you have to bake breads like a professional. This program cover all level of different breads based on polish, Biga and Sponges.

You will be covering one theory video about preferment , Product introduction and 9 recipes in this program which can be easily replicated in kitchen –

Theory of Whole Grain

Sour Dough Culture – Learn the ins and outs of creating and maintaining a sourdough culture

Baguette Curry – This Baguette is made with sourdough giving it a complex flavor and chewier texture and combines with the aromas of curry powder

Beet Levain – Sourdough batters hydrated with fresh beets and beet juice giving it more moisture and nutrition.

Onion Poppy Seeds – Soft rolls with caramelized onions and poppy seeds. An addition of a little sourdough gives a slight chew and more complex flavor.

Lodieve – High hydration loaf unshaped shappen loaves that produces an extremely fragrant and open crumb.

Mitiel     – A combination of wheat flour, rye flour, and rye sourdough create this moist and nutritious loaf.

Olive Levain – 100% sourdough levain with sliced olives and overnight fermentation to give maximum flavor

Pain au Champagne – A classic french country bread that can come in a variety of shapes. The small portion of rye in the recipes attributes to the flavor and aroma.

Potato Sour dough Bread – This loaf combines roasted potatoes and fresh rosemary for a classic country taste.

Roasted Garlic Levain – Slow Roasted Garlic and sourdough create a rich and complex aroma in this flavourful batard.

Toasted Walnut apple Bread – This high hydration rustic loaves combines, apple juice, roasted walnuts and apple reduction to gives a light and sweet texture to the crumb of this bread.

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