How to Drawing Face: Male Character (Fundamental Guides)

How to Draw head and face character with pencil step by step

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What you’ll learn

  • Students to be able to draw a face in different shapes for man character..
  • Gain the ability to draw a variety of hairstyles and beards for man characters..
  • Drawing all kinds of facial expressions (sadness, happiness, anger, etc.).
  • Increase creativity in drawing a variety of man characters.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 2 lectures • 8min.
  • 2 –> 10 lectures • 2hr 28min.

How to Drawing Face: Male Character (Fundamental Guides)


Hello friend

If you decide to become a professional character designer or illustrator, and you can easily design different human characters.

This course is for you.

I have seen people who often decide to draw an interesting idea of ​​a person but do not have the ability to transfer the idea to paper. In this course, we give everyone the ability to create the works they have in mind. In this course, the student learns quite fundamentally how to draw male face character. The student learns how to design different parts of head male character, including head, face, neck and etc. using geometric shapes, and then add details to them.

In the first section, I will introduce the tool.

In the second section, I will teach drawing different types of faces and heads of male characters in different states of laughter, sadness, surprise, anger, and different hairstyles and beards.

In this course, I will teach you different types of male hairstyles and beards. To increase your ability to draw all kinds of hairstyles and beards for male characters.

I hope this course  will help increase your creativity in designing different types of faces for different boy and man. Stay tuned for my other course.


and Good luck.

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