NetSuite Basics

Learn Oracle NetSuite and Became a NetSuite Professional


What you’ll learn

  • Navigating the NetSuite Application and NetSuite Users and Roles.
  • Understanding Customer Records and Understanding Vendor Records.
  • Understanding Partners Records and Understanding Employees Records.
  • Understanding Contacts Records.

Course Content

  • NetSuite Basics –> 5 lectures • 1hr 46min.

NetSuite Basics



  • The main objective of the course is to make aspirants understand the fundamentals of NetSuite, its capabilities, Navigating the NetSuite Application, NetSuite Users and Roles, Understanding Entity Records (Customer, Vendor, Partners, Employees, Contacts).
  • It will be beneficial for Functional Consultant, NetSuite Administrator, Finance Professional, Account Professional in understanding masters in NetSuite, Its Capability, Navigation and providing access in NetSuite. It will help NetSuite Technical Consultant and NetSuite developer in building their logic for scripts.
  • If you are Software Engineers, IT Professionals, Cloud Developer, ERP domain, Business Analyst and Fresher, this course will help you to become NetSuite Professional.

About Course


Topics Covered

  • Navigating the NetSuite Application
  • NetSuite Users and Roles
  • Understanding Customer Records
  • Understanding Vendor Records
  • Understanding Partners Records
  • Understanding Employees Records
  • Understanding Contacts Records


NetSuite Account Types

  • Production Account​
  • Release Preview Account​
  • Sandbox Account​
  • Development Account


Production Account

  • The production (or live) account is where you do the daily work necessary to run your business. ​
  • Users access their production account by opening a browser window.

Sandbox Account

  • A NetSuite sandbox is a safe and isolated account where you can develop new processes and applications. ​
  • The data in the sandbox is a copy of your production data. ​
  • The sandbox can be refreshed from production, bringing in new data and customizations​


Development Account

  • The development account provides an improved experience for developing NetSuite customizations. ​
  • NetSuite development accounts never contain production data. ​
  • Development accounts prevents in-progress customizations from being overwritten by by refreshes.​


Using Create New Menu

  • This menu includes links to create new instances of different types of records. Each link in the menu represents a type of record related to the record or transaction. ​
  • The Create New menu customizable , we can add any record link in menu by clicking on Personalize​



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