Navigating Postpartum with Herbals

Quickly discover the herbs that you’ll want in your home for a healthy and happy postpartum experience 🙂

What herbs to use?

What you’ll learn

  • Learn about 5 herbs for “the blues”, how they support your mind and body, and how they could support you specifically..
  • Enjoy 4 calls to action throughout the course that fill your cup with easy to implement, self-care breaks..
  • Specific ways to use one super nutritive herb that can be incorporated into your everyday ritual..
  • Dive deeper into which herbs can support cramping, sleep, stress, and other areas beyond the basics..
  • Final challenge to make your own herbal tea blend with recipe provided..

Course Content

  • Navigating Postpartum with Herbals –> 6 lectures • 36min.

Navigating Postpartum with Herbals


  • What herbs to use?
  • Which are best for me?
  • How to use them?
  • When to use them?
  • What herbs for my specific needs?

You’ll get all of these answers and more through your learning from your ally and friend…Master Herbalist & Holistic Health Coach, Jennifer Gilman.  I’ve helped hundreds of women to navigate postpartum empowering them with their health so that they can pour their love into their new miracle 🙂

I understand that Mom’s do not have an abundance of TIME.  This is why I’ve created this short course with you in mind.

Many of the women I’ve worked with want to know right away which herbs are best for “the blue’s”.  You’ll have the answer to this question in the first 10 minutes.  How’s that for quick answers?!

We then dive into herbs for cramping, sleep and stress.  These are factors that can really hinder the time you have with your baby, and I want you to feel comfortable and happy 🙂

There’s a simple, super nutritive herb that is not talked about often and easy to use.  I’ll share my favorite way to bring this into your daily routine.

Throughout the course, you’ll be encouraged to incorporate 4 tiny little self-care habits that I have in the form of “breaks” between videos.  Many people really enjoy this part and find themselves adding one or two into their daily activities.  This, of course, is the holistic health coach in me helping you to take care of yourself in more expansive ways.  Wink, wink 🙂

There is much more in this simplified course that you’ll find easy to implement and enjoy.  So, what are you waiting for?  Click that button and get started!  You’re on your way to wellness 🙂

Happy mama, happy baby 🙂




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