I Am Healthy – Practical Guide To Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy weight loss by Ilan Halfon- Weight loss coach with over 20 years of experience

Weight loss coaching in a nut shell:

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to redefine weight loss on your term.
  • Understand where you stand in relation to where you are aiming to..
  • Having the exact plan to follow..
  • Learn what type of food and exercises works for you.
  • Earn more clarity towards your own well being goal..
  • How to lose weight with no shame, guilt and with lots of self respect..

Course Content

  • Healthy Weight Loss Journey –> 6 lectures • 34min.
  • Set Your Mind (and goal) –> 1 lecture • 30min.
  • How To Create Your Meal Plan –> 2 lectures • 50min.

I Am Healthy - Practical Guide To Healthy Weight Loss


  • Self motivated.
  • Open Minded.
  • Self discipline.
  • Strong will power.

Weight loss coaching in a nut shell:


1. Redefine your definition.

2. Understand where you stand.

3. Visualize the “end” of your journey.

4. Break it down and go backward.

5. Congratulations, follow your plan


What does it all means?

1. Redefining your definition, here is what I mean:


In theory, we think we know the definition of “healthy living”, but in most cases it is based on what we think we should define it by our surroundings.

What I call “healthy living” for most people will be extreme. And what most people call healthy, will not even be considered by me, now, that does not mean that either one of us is right or wrong, it only means that it doesn’t work the same for everyone.


2. Understand where you are standing

Once we create our definition to healthy living, we are diving in and taking a look where we stand in relation to it.

Learning to track ourselves and it’s value.


3. Visualize the “end” of the journey

This could be a tricky to many people, and it is very hard for some us to see something that allegedly doesn’t exist. And if you are one of those people. This chapter of the course will take you through the journey of visualization.


4. Breaking it down and going “backwards”

This is In this section of the course and the last part, is where we learn, excuse me, let me rephrase, where we create the plan that we will follow and practice on our new journey for healthier living.

5. Congratulations

Closing a chapter and following the new one. Learning how to practice, practice, practice. Repetitions makes “perfect” 🙂


Once you finish this section, I have created an extra sections to take you to the next level…


1. Getting More Clarity

2. Full Guides On How To Create Your Meal Plan & Workout Plan

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