How To Easily Apply The Wave Principle & Improve Your Trades

Learn how to read any financial chart to make them easier to boost your chance of a successful trade.

How To Easily And Quickly Apply Wave Analysis To Improve Your Trades Without Complicating Your Charts Or Reading Financial News

What you’ll learn

  • How To Easily Profit From Any Market With The Wave Principle.
  • Read Any Financial Charts Without Fundamental Analysis Or Complicated Skills.
  • Spot Higher Probability Trades By Identifying Important Pattern Combinations.
  • The Wave Principle Help Any Trader/Investor Know When To Buy, Sell, or Wait.
  • BONUS 1 – The 3 Pillars To Master Trading Training – because technical analysis is not enough..
  • BONUS 2 – Secret Tips To Help You Improve Your Mindset.
  • BONUS 3 – Live Charts With Examples And Opportunities Across Many Financial Markets Every Single Day.

Course Content

  • Introduction To The Wave Academy –> 2 lectures • 6min.
  • Beginner’s Guide –> 8 lectures • 1hr 37min.
  • The Wave Principle Basics –> 10 lectures • 1hr 57min.
  • Wave Principle Advanced –> 11 lectures • 2hr 38min.
  • Bonus Lecture –> 1 lecture • 14min.

How To Easily Apply The Wave Principle & Improve Your Trades


How To Easily And Quickly Apply Wave Analysis To Improve Your Trades Without Complicating Your Charts Or Reading Financial News


Learn how to read any financial chart to make them easier to anticipate the next significant movement. Boost your chances of a successful trade.

— A self-paced, online course —


Do you ever find yourself staring at a confusing chart?

Struggling to find the right analysis to know when to buy or sell without feeling insecure?


You’re not alone.

95% of traders lose money in the markets.


Analyzing charts is probably one of the most precious skills anyone in the trading business can possess.

But at school, we’ve not learned the art of investing.

We’ve not learned how to analyze financial charts.

We’ve not learned how to take the risk without going through anxiety, fear, or anger.


This is exactly what you will learn in this course:

• How to read and take action in any financial market without fear. Any instrument – Any timeframe.

• How to feel secure about your investing decisions. You will understand when to Buy, Sell or Wait.

• How to win more profitable trades. You will set up your trades and let it run – profitable even if you are more times wrong.


What You Will Get:

• 24 Simple Videos and +200 Illustrated Slides– that teach you how to use the wave principle to plan a successful trade, step by step.

• Real Charts with +80 Practical Examples – that shows you exactly how wave analysis looks like when used properly.

• Powerful Psychology Tips and Secrets To Improve Your Trading Experience – because analyzing is not the only tool you need to succeed as a trader.


| +3 Free Bonuses: |

BONUS 1 – The 3 Pillars To Master Trading Training.

Get everything you need to become a master trader.

Technical analysis is just one of them, with these you are ready to launch yourself into the market fearless.


BONUS 2 – Reasons why an account is burned (and the solution for each one) Training.

Knowing your weakness will certainly help you boost in the right direction.

Are you conscious of the reasons why you keep losing in the market?

Here you fill find out the common reasons and what to do to avoid them.


BONUS 3 – 5 Exclusive Webinar Replays (4 hours 41 minutes playback time)

I’ve been teaching the wave principle for years, these are recorded from previous teachings.

Some of them were paid when I made them live. Now they are hidden from the internet. Only available here.


Who this Course is NOT for…?

X You aren’t willing to take instructions and prefer to figure things out on your own with trial and error.

X You have absolutely no interest in learning any additional skills because you know what you are doing.

X You are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme where you put in little to no work

and follow other people’s opinions to make money. Get 1 big trade, and hope to get more lucky winners.


Here’s The Simple Wave Analysis Course:
Chapter 1 – Beginner’s Guide To Trading

1) Rediscover what being a trader really means

2) Understand the mechanic rules behind trading

3) Get the tools and knowledge required to act with confidence


Chapter 2 – The Wave Principle Basic Foundations

1) Discover the true meaning of the Wave Principle

2) Understand the difference between theory and principle

3) Learn how to find opportunities (any financial market, any timeframe)


Chapter 3 – The Wave Principle Advanced & Mastering

1) Power on your chart’s GPS and immediately locate yourself in the charts

2) The hidden use of the wave principle to remove your fear from any market.

3) Make your charts look clean and professional without cluttering them with complicated tools.


Imagine how would it feel like if you could also analyze charts and anticipate the next movement.

Imagine you could get more profitable trades and more successful investments…

You definitely don’t want to depend on other gurus or masters to make a call.


You can do this.



And You’ve got a Triple Guarantee!


If there’s any reason you can’t understand it,

think it’s not for you or that it doesn’t work.

You have a full 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

No Questions Asked.




About The Wave Academy


By definition, Academy is a society of scholars, artists, and scientists =

who aim to promote and maintain certain standards in a specific field.


The Wave Academy is the community of practitioners of the Wave Principle

that together seek opportunities in the different Financial Markets


We seek to share knowledge of Wave Analysis that comes from The Wave Principle.

The Wave Principle is based on the fact that everything in the universe moves according
to Nature’s Law, flowing in a Fibonacci pattern in contraction and expansion, of greater and lesser degree (fractals).

This applies to humans and everything created by them, including the financial market.


Applying Fibonacci we can anticipate the retracement and look for its extensions according to the shape of the Corrective Wave.

Recognizing these patterns with the help of the Fibonacci sequence and The Golden Ratio (phi ϕ 1.618)

They can help us understand market behavior and anticipate the next move.

To begin to understand The Wave Principle, it’s important to start with who created it and, much more relevant, how it was created.


Ralph Nelson Elliott

He named his only 2 books: The Wave Principle and Nature’s Law: Secrets of the Universe.

One book explains how waves initiate, the principle, which defines the behavior of price movements.

Not a theory, but a description.

And the other book talks about how Fibonacci works in everything in the universe when it comes to expansion and contraction.

Progressive growths, in cycles and fractals.


– Curiosity Check, it was written at a time when there were no computers or graphics as we can see them today –


How Is This Applied In The Market? Join in to find out!


Wouldn’t You Like To Learn a Trading System…

  • Free from expensive courses with no guarantee of results.
  • Free from multiple and technical indicators that can confuse your analysis. You may only need one or none.
  • Fear Free from market manipulation, you are in control of your trades.
  • Practical analysis where you don’t need to read or consider fundamental data (news).
  • Anticipate the market behavior and recognize patterns to trade with confidence.
  • It works in any timeframe and in any market.

So let’s study The Wave Principle together.

The Main Investment Is Your Education.


Join The Wave Academy Today!

This is a great way to boost your professional technical analysis

and experience how The Wave Principle can enlighten and secure your trades.

Along with other practitioners to help each other spot patterns and opportunities in the market.


Join us at The Wave Academy chart sharing and discussion at Discord.


NOTICE: The content of this course is educational material and should not be viewed as financial advice. Trading presents risks where you can make or lose money. The Wave Academy, or me the Instructor, is not responsible for the different results. Self-education has a high influence on this result.

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