Sanic – an asynchronous web framework for Pythonistas

If you need a web framework that is non-blocking and fast, and even has a hedgehog logo… fear no more, I got this.


What you’ll learn

  • The students will be able to develop their own secure and fast web applications!.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 22 lectures • 1hr 45min.

Sanic - an asynchronous web framework for Pythonistas



Welcome to my course. I have been a pythonista since a few years now. I have made this course because I was very curious to find an async we framework that allows low access to the hardware and possibility to fine-tune the web applications.. Nowadays the world is changing faster than we imagine, everything is about web services, web applications, containers, and microservices. With this course my hope is to give you the fundamentals to build your versatile web applications that support your infrastructure in the best possible way. Recently python has become the hottest programming language to learn, and learning it gives you freedom to do and be whatever you want. Apart from this if you just want to spend your time useful this course my also provide you with some quality entertainment. Sanic has become a de-facto framework for prototyping web applications due to it’s easy to learn nature. Whether you are a newbie who is getting started or a veteran this course is going to give you the fundations to build your applications with ease. We start from the basics and progress through the main building blocks of this framework to get the big picture that you can use later as fundation.


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