Japanese Food Drawing For Beginner

Everyone can draw Japanese Food

Hello everyone!

What you’ll learn

  • Ability to learn how to draw Japanese Ramen..
  • Ability to learn how to draw Japanese Rice Ball..
  • Ability to learn how to draw Japanese Sushi..
  • Ability to learn how to draw Japanese Saki..

Course Content

  • Japanese Food Drawing –> 5 lectures • 58min.

Japanese Food Drawing For Beginner


Hello everyone!

I’m Yu-Han Wu (Rainnie), welcome to this “Japanese Food Drawing For Beginner” class

In this course, you will experience the fun of beginner painting through 4 Japanese Food examples. Follow me to draw step by step, and you can start practicing when you find an A4 piece of paper. Through the display of the whole process of simple strokes, you can reduce your awareness of learning. Fear of painting; share with you how to start your painting life through cute example content in the course!


The 4 Japanese Food examples in this course are drawn from “Rice Balls”, “Saki”, “Ramen”, and “Sushi.”

Each example is very short, you can practice drawing several times a day.


In each example, I will show how I drew the line processing, modified the line draft, color selection, and process of adjusting back and forth. The main purpose is to hope that the learner can practice drawing from scratch together, reducing the time you spend trying to guess how to start drawing


Through the lovely style of this stick figure, you can get a lot of sense of accomplishment in the process of drawing your work. You can learn by yourself and complete many cute little illustrations within an hour. Feel nurtured in the process of creation!

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